Checking Netrunner 13.12, I have been looking at Kmail, which i do not use since the first issue of kmail2 (I shifted to thunderbird).

The first thing i noticed is that this time i do not received any anokadi messages telling me that it had any problems.

Then Kmail suggest me to collect data from thunderbird. I tried. Apparently it succeeded in gathering connections informations, the adress book but not the mails. Nevertheles i decided to go further. I was able to connect to the mail servers, and download the last messages.
Then i used the kmail menu import messages, and this time it works and i collected both received and sent mail.
I am using it now on netrunner rc to further observed stability and reliability.

For me it deserved a new chance. Good job of the development team.


Hi smoreau,

thanks for your testing and feedback, it’s very much appreciated!
We’d love to switch to Kmail KDE internal solution, and it would make sense maybe for 14.04 to target that, as we have much more synergy with planned kpeople2 (which you see an alpha with webaccounts-telepathy).
Until then any ideas or feedback welcomed.

The main difficulties in Kmail have been during update processes. You can never be sure to have saved all neccesary directories and files. Its so easy with Thunderbird, only one directory. If you add to this Akonadi problems since Kmail2, you can imagine that it is much more easy and reliable to settle for friends a Thunderbird mail client than Kmail. That’s the question i will further explore with Kmail, how to save all data for a next update.

Thanks for your interest.

I only use Kmail but has the versatility of Thunderbird, many email accounts do not accept or misconfigured, I made several import tests and does not complete and otroas ignore them. It is no trust. :frowning:
I’ll stick with Thunderbird until Kmail improve and be just as reliable and easy to add accounts and support. :huh:

I agree with your remarks, that’s why i shall futher explore its performances. However compare to version in Netrunner 13.06 things are largely improving.