Kodi service wont start

so i just tried to install and open kodi. it doesnt open, when installing i get this error "setting up kodi (2:17.0+dfsg1-3) …

kodi.service is a disabled or a static unit, not starting it.
Processing triggers for libc-bin (2.24-9) …"

I believe that is the problem, any ideas on how to fix it?

I don’t see an error here just a notice.
Can you execute kodi from the terminal to see its output. That should provide an error message telling what’s going wrong.

I have netrunner on 2 desktops, it installed fine on the other one, i installed it in a terminal and the only difference i saw was the last line where it says “kodi.service is a disabled or a static unit, not starting it.” I dont think that was the last line on the other computer where it works. I can run it from a terminal but only as sudo , when i researched it online it suggested it it was a uefi issue . I did run into an issue when i first installed netrunner where i didnt have full access to all my internal hard drives and i had to tweak some things around to get that. so ive edited fstab a little bit to fix that and to account for my ssd.

oh and i also get this error at the end of the crashlog
“ERROR: SQL: [Addons27.db] SQL error or missing database”

oh and when i run it in a terminal without sudo i get this "terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘dbiplus::DbErrors’

Aborted (core dumped)
Crash report available at /home/user/kodi_crashlog-20170322_172638.log "

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