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Konsole does not have permission to save this profile

I get the following message when trying to save changes to the konsole profile.
The “fix” works but I believe this is the first time I got this error.

Konsole does not have permission to save this profile to:

To be able to save settings you can either change the permissions of the profile configuration file or change the profile name to save the settings to a new profile.

Wasn’t this question already asked for yakuake, which uses konsole on the backend?

It sure was. :hushed:
I still think of this as an error though. But that’s me.

I don’t know, we never moved our xdg diversion for this profile. This is more likely a bug in Konsole, or even a background lib. It’s just not recreating the profile in your home directory after you make a change, you know, like all other KDE applications do, and as konsole did previously.

I think the best would be to attach your findings to this bug report that seems related to this issue