Konsole Shortcut??

I am trying to make a hot key for “Ctrl + Alt + T” to open up Konsole… Its not working how I want it to. How can I do this? Thanks!

Did you tried setting it in systemsettings -> shortcuts and gestures -> custom shortcuts ?
There you need click on edit -> new -> global -> command

Then enter a comment on second tab add yout CTRL+ALT+T hotkey and on third add the command konsole.

After that hit apply. Close the window and try it. It should work now.

PS: By default F12 though should bring you also the yakuake terminal which is running in the background by default.

F12 does not bring up yakuake terminal by default, but your solution worked! Thank you so much, in the next release, NetRunner should add in the same key bindings as Ubuntu. I judge distros on size and key bindings :wink: