Kubuntu 15.04 will ship with plasma 5

So I came here to ask what will netrunner do when Kubuntu 15.05 comes out?
I dont think KDE 5 is nowhere near that ready yet so to see Kubuntu take this plunge I feel is foolhardy.
If Netrunner offers easy access to the LTS version I feel would be best here as KDE5 still has some time to stablise not to mention get more apps.

We are focusing on creating a plasma 5 based netrunner version that comes with the apps, quality and overall design you know and love from current versions. It comes in handy that plasma 5 runs great with KDE SC apps so there is no need to wait for KF5 ports. They have the time to be ported and mature in the next year.

But it will be of course possible to use Netrunner 14 further on as it is based on an Ubuntu LTS and supported a very long time for that matter.