Kubuntu Backports compatability

Is KDE Backports is compatible with Netrunner? If not, when Plasma 5.3.1 will be available for Netrunner?

Yes, Netrunner 16 should be compatible with Kubuntu backports.

Our Plasma 5.3 version is 99.9% Plasma 5.3.1 as all fixes and bugs we noticed were patched before releasing Netrunner 16.

I notice I’m still on Plasma 5.3.0, will 5.3.2 be coming soon ? I am using the backports ppa.

After add backports PPA, I’ve removed /etc/apt/preferences.d/10netrunner.pref and then I’ve run “sudo apt-get update” and “sudo apt-get dist-upgrade”. Now I’m on KDE Plasma 5.3.1.

You’ve saved my day! I’ve loaded 5.4 from ppa:kubuntu-ci/stable, but couldn’t get it installed (only 5.3 was available in Synaptic). Moving away this file solved the problem! Thanks!!!

Note: KDE Plasma 5.4 is still a little raw, but much faster and imho works more correctly. If not occasional crashes (which I had with 5.3 too, but in different situations), it would be perfect.