Kudos To Netrunner Rolling

I feel compelled to say “thank you” to the Netrunner Rolling team for producing and managing an excellent GNU/Linux distribution. I have tried many distributions and it is clear to me that Netrunner Rolling is the best true distribution for the KDE Plasma desktop environment.

The key term here is “distribution” which entails taking existing technology one step further and packaging it all in a cohesive and productive product with minimal challenges. From introduction and download to installation and use, Netrunner Rolling has a clear and focused purpose that plays out consistently and successfully from start to finish. Other distributions have their merits but always seem to fall short in one way or another. Netrunner Rolling is the best, all things considered, in my opinion.

After extensive trial and error, I have found that Netrunner Rolling gives the best overall product with the least amount of frustration. Certainly, there are issues that I had to learn to live with but they are mere annoyances that stem from some preconceived idea of how I “think” things should be. Over time I have learned that these annoyances are actually thought out and do not impact the final product in a negative manner. The team seems to understand, better than others, what end users need and are willing to make the hard choices to ensure it is delivered.

The Manjaro base is outstanding but Netrunner Rolling goes a bit further in smoothing out a few rough edges. To be clear, Manjaro serves a great purpose in leading the way in producing a rock-solid platform. After “hopping” around in search of the best KDE Plasma distribution I have found that Netrunner Rolling delivers the best overall product.

My personal experience is that Netrunner Rolling, overall, outperforms other Arch, Debian, Gentoo, Independent and Ubuntu based KDE Plasma alternatives.

Thank you to all who make this a reality.


Enjoy it while it lasts, I bet netrunner KDE will be killed off in another few months.
Typical for this team really, make a distro and kill it with no reason other than because its tuesday.

Hope it does not turn out that way but I definitely understand what you are saying.

I agree with Falcon40,

It has been a very good experience for me too.

Good job,