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LAN connection problem

Good time of day to you kind people.

I started having problems with my LAN connection. It’s a backup lenovo machine and everything was working swimmingly until I tried upgrading my wifi card. Turns out this model only supports certain kind of wireless modules and to use any other outside the list I have to change refirm bios and etc.

Long story short. After removing it altogether and going for an external wifi module I just decided to use hardwired connection and manually install the driver since there isn’t one for Linux separately.

When I plug in the cable it doesn’t detect the connection. lspci lists my card fine. When I do the same on windows, there is no issue. When I boot into live distro there is no issue.

Don’t really know what is it.

Any advice?

Thank you,


Using the bash with:

inxi -n

gives you some more information, whether any and witch driver is used or not.
Helpful sometimes.

Can you go into the networkmanager and see if there is a configuration for your card? If not try to create one.

inxi -n output:

Network: Device-1: Intel 82577LM Gigabit Network driver: e1000e
IF: enp0s25 state: down mac: 5c:ff:35:0e:a3:cc

But like I said lspci does detect ethernet module fine. It’s the wifi card. Was working fine and then… something happened.

You mean the device manager in windows? Neither Linux nor Windows nor live boot into Linux detect the card. Could it be busted? How would I check?

You could try a live linux system to see if it works there.
Otherwise make sure that it is activated in BIOS maybe.

And I meant networkmanager which is the thing that handles your network connection and can be configured especially also for ethernet devices.