Lancelot menu theme for Netrunner Enlightenment theme

I was playing around with Netrunner Rolling, and I noticed that the Lancelot menu had no theme,which made the menu look quite weird. This is the same in Netrunner Standard (where the theme is called Eclipse). Temporarily, I’m using the Lancelot theme from Sevenified/Glassified for my Lancelot menu, but would be nice if Lancelot could have a theme that would fit the themes properly.

Ok, after some fiddling around, I’ve put together a Lancelot theme for Enlightenment, based on the Enlightenment theme in Netrunner 13.12.

For those using Lancelot on Netrunner, enjoy!

Edit: Forgot to state where I got the stuff from. The theme.config is from Oxygen-Genesis, the inner-background from Glassified. The section buttons and system buttons are made using the images from the default Enlightenment tasks.svgz

That is awesome for all Lancelot users, thanks Nightshadow!