Language support [solved]

After installing Netrunner 16.09 language support is not complete. Even though I add the language I have chosen during installation (Italian) in “translation”, programs like firefox, thunderbird, and libreoffice are still in English. I have installed via sudo apt install the packages firefox-locale-it and thunderbird-locale-it but the package kde-l10n-it is locked by the impossibility to install aaaADDITIONALDEPSbbb. Thank you.

I’m working on this and will post a update once the issue is fixed.

Thank you.

This should now be fixed.

Thank you. I will do “sudo apt update” and “sudo apt upgrade”.

Cool, an apt update and then apt install kde-l10n-YOURLANGUAGE should work just fine, no need for a upgrade.

Please mark this thread as solved if your problem is fixed afterwards :slight_smile:

Edited as solved.

With “sudo apt upgrade” the kde language package it is not automatically installed so I presume the language support is still not working, is it correct? I installed kde-l10n-xx package manually that it is not locked anymore; thank you again.

Yes, language support is not automatically installed, we need to get this functionality into calamares ( our installer ) at some point. For now you will have to manually install any langpacks that are required :slight_smile:

Well, when I try to install kde-l10n-ptbr, synaptic warns that lots of applications from the system might be uninstalled…
Would not be the version for this language package works for KDE4?
I realized that language packages with version 4:16.08 might install OK; however, my language belongs to a group of 5 languages that hold version 4:4.14…
Must I wait for a correction version shows up?

This is a solved thread for the original poster, next time please create your own thread.
However, no you can not mix KDE SC 4 specific packages with the Plasma 5 based KDE applications 16.08 packages.