Laptop lid close with external monitor problem.

In System Settings / Power Management / Energy Saving there’s “Button events handling” option.
When I select this:

  • When laptop lid closed -> Suspend
  • Even when external monitor is connected -> unchecked
    then connect external monitor through D-Sub and close the lid the system goes to sleep.
    I tried to check and uncheck the second option but the problem still persist. In Kubuntu, Ubuntu and Debian with Gnome3 I didn’t have this issue.
    How could I workaround this?

My laptop is Asus X302LA.

This could either be a GPU driver or a TLP settings issue, I’d bet on the former.
Rolling is based on Manjaro and thus uses different, often times newer, kernels, drivers, xorg, etc. than Ubuntu and it’s derivatives.

I did install Netrunner Horizon 17 and the problem still persist. Where could I find logs related to laptop’s lid switch?
Maybe it’s KDE’s problem?