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latest lts stack 4.4 kernel breaks fglrx??


So occasionally i upgrade the kernel as they come out, I had been using 3.16 series for the last year or so and i use the amd fglrx drivers since i have a radeon card. THe latest lts stack came out today so i upgraded and during the install i saw some errors and then when i rebooted my display was jacked up, I tried to fix it with the driver manager but it didnt work so i just opened synaptic and deleted the fglrx packages and rebooted and that fixed my display issues but now when i open the driver manager it does not indicate when driver im using, it shows 3 options and has the xorg as the recommended driver but it does not have the dot in the circle to show that is the driver im currently using. should i worry about this? i added a pic to show what i mean


If everything is working don’t worry.