LibreOffice KDE integration

Could someone comment on the use of Gnome integration rather than KDE integration packages in Netrunner’s LibreOffice suite? I suspect it has to do with poor maintenance of the KDE integration packages but maybe someone else could clarify. Also, even if you use the Gnome integration package, Oxygen icons can be used but this doesn’t seem to be the default in Netrunner. Is there any reason why? Thank you!

[color=#000080]To integrate with the desktop KDE LibreOffice is this command:[/color]

[size=medium]sudo apt-get install libreoffice-kde[/size]

The KDE Integration of LibreOffice is very poorly and the oxygen-gtk theme with gnome LibreOffice integration looks simply better.
As for the icons I guess its a matter of taste.

Thank you leszek. That is the answer that I suspected but I do appreciate the confirmation.