liquid shell replaces plasma shell

great shell

liquid shell :angel:

much leaner and faster. uses different Qt lib.

tray menu 2.5 works nicely with it! (well , it used to… )

just replace the shell.desktop files (back + forth) in autostart after make install , reboot , done !
(actually, its enough to place the binary liquidshell in $PATH and replace the file …".desktop" , relogin [color=#cc6699]ENJOY[/color] ! (replace back for return to plasmashell))

save tons of time on laptop compys.

but the covenient taskbar is replaced with a much simpler one.
finally those stupid “activities” are gone for good! great idea!

latest master works like a charm.

maybe a NRR live-CD with liquidshell would be nice, since I believe that liquidshell can properly autodetect screen resolution, while plasmashell cannot autoconfigure all screens properly. :cool:

This is already in the community repository:

sudo pacman -S liquidshell

As far as NRR live-CD with liquidshell. Well, one never knows, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

BTW, the following are also in the community repository:
beshell – (Be::Shell) – Simple desktop shell using KDE technology (solid and kio)
latte-dock – A dock based on Plasma Frameworks
plasma-mediacenter – (PMC shell) – A mediacenter user interface based on KDE Plasma components.

plasmashell got a bit bloated over the years. LiquidShell is lean and nifty. :angel:

Yes, I’ve played with it.
And yes, it is pretty light and responsive.
But then again, so is plasma after turning off kwin’s compositor, baloo and file system search, etc.
Also, not requiring hardware acceleration is the main reason liquidshell chose to use QtWidgets instead of QtQuick.
Which brings me to my next problem with liquidshell, it has no wayland support.
Wayland is the direction that plasma shell, almost every other desktop environment, window managers, toolkits (Gtk+, Qt, EFL, etc.), and the Linux ecosystem in general, is heading in.

You could also try liri-shell and liri applications, also Qt5 based, if you so inclined:

However, liri-shell does require wayland, but as long as you don’t require the Nvidia proprietary drivers, you should be golden.
Liri is also being built on top of Arch from the get go.

Note: liri-files and liri-terminal are already in the Manjaro community repository.

The Qt5 based Lumina desktop from TrueOS (PCBSD), is also available from the Manjaro community repository.

Here is another Qt5 based desktop environment that was built on Arch from the get go, theSHELL.
It also has a whole suite of applications that go along with it, including it’s own display manager (theDM).

These are almost all available from the AUR, or by adding their repository manually:

It’s actually quite an exciting time for the development for both Qt5, and frameworks based desktop environments.

man, ARCH just is the best OS ever :angel: :angel:

beshell – (Be::Shell) – Simple desktop shell using KDE technology (solid and kio)

latte-dock – A dock based on Plasma Frameworks
plasma-mediacenter – (PMC shell) – A mediacenter user interface based on KDE Plasma components.

mediacenter? these people call a device a form-factor and then think they are the smartest people in the world since no one knows what a form factor is suposed to be, but we all know what a device is.

One should not touch software made by such people with a ten-foot pole. stay way clear of such stuff!

a KDE shell is supposed to be useable right away very easily. If the makers advertise it saying: "2. Be sure you are willing to learn new things and read the wiki! "

this is just their way of saying: this program is utter crap and no one knows how to operate it.

Do you need a task-bar which you cannot operate ? No! So we just stick with plasmashell and liquidshell.

Well, some people do like to configure things themselves, others do not, it’s all about choice.
If there were not people willing to set things up themselves, then projects like I3, awesome, enlightenment, etc. etc. so on and so forth, wouldn’t even exist. Come to think of it, neither would Arch Linux for that mater, setting everything up yourself, and learning new things, is the entire point of that distribution.

i usually set my taskbar to autohide. does these shells support that functionality?

I know theShell does this by default, but theShell is a strange beast that takes some getting used to.

I haven’t had a chance to play with the others yet, I’m usually too busy for such things.