Live DVD Password

I’m using Netrunner Desktop 17.01.2 running on a USB flash drive and when I resume from Suspend mode (where the computer is “asleep”) I am asked for a password every time. Is there a way to disable this password, and then, is there a simple way of creating a new .iso of Netrunner where the need for this password has been removed?

You can set the system not prompt for the password. So don’t lock on resume in Screen Locking settings of systemsettings.

Thanks. I like this Live DVD operating system and it would be even better if by default it did not ask for the password on resume and if on startup you did not have to hit Enter to select the live DVD, but it automatically loaded the live session after a short period - thus requiring less user attendance and yielding a seamless user experience, especially for someone who shuts down their PC relatively frequently.