Live DVD - Wireless Not Working

What happened with the 13.12 release ? My HP laptop does not work in wireless mode. I checked Synaptic Package Manager and discovered that the needed Broadcom wireless is not automatically active on the Live DVD. If you want people to like your version of Linux, you have to have the necessary files for wireless adpaters active, otherwise the DVD gets tossed into the trash. Previous versions of Netrunner worked with Broadcom wireless adapters without having to search for the correct files and then try to get it to work. Can this problem be corrected ?


The licensing of broadcom drivers is a little bit odd. We will take a look at it.

[color=#000080]I installed Netrunner 13.12 on several machines and the wifi works well, some I had to install kernel-source-bcmwl version from > Preferences > Driver Manager and fix the problem.[/color] :shy: