Logo Ideas

Post ideas for Plasma Mobile Logo here.

Ok sry for being so tardy (I’ve been sick for a week AND my days are all wonky and weird now after that)

So my idea - Clemens suggested I’d post it never the less since it was a place holder - was a bit more on the branding side riffing off an idea you (Clemens) had. We talked about old 80’s style logos (and Homerun the game) days ago and I started riffing off it and started making blocky images in my sketchpad. I wanted something that was like an old style phone dial BUT also kinda resembling BOTH the Plasma logo AND the Netrunner logo (both that I like because they keep to their shape and claim that shape as a symbol which is really neat)

So this is what I came up with - something incredibly flexible, that could be changed and played with without losing its meaning AND also played with 8-bit graphics from games like Homerun. Something which could be drawn by ANYONE if asked. Yes I am really pleased with it and perhaps I should stop talking about it and just show…

So this is the shape - a four by four grid of dots or blocks, with 5 block removed creating an isolated block in the lower corner. Thats it… But it can be varied… like this:


Or like this based on background (in this case another idea for vague statements without forced value that work)


Or like this:


Or like this:


Since the shape is simple it can be used for animations, it can be used for backgrounds without text and if its claimed by us we can keep using it and no matter what the way its presented - even without text - it will be a symbol for the phone!

Here is the second idea, using of course the new Plasma Logo as base considering the name, this one trying for a more sleek look.

The point as the last version is trying to get shapes taken over, since the name isn’t set there isn’t a point of using a name for foundation for the phone and since an entire branding is impossible this early the idea is to leave it open for modification and edits.

Another upside is the flags shape into a P if needed, and the availability to mod it as see fit, make seasonal spins etc. Will try to post further ideas for the phone UI/UX and further work on the homepage design as soon as this is cleared through…

Further ideas for a placeholder “logo” (ie an image to use in place of a logo)

Six different variants, single color - multicolor (blue) - multicolor (blue origami) - Flat color (blue) - Flat Color (blue border) - multicolor (blue origami border)