Low battery warning

I have enabled low battery warning sound/pop up but neither show up. I get a sound and pop up when plugging power adapter
Really annoying when my laptop dies without warning

Strange, does the battery indicator show the correct power percentage when under battery power?
Also check your BIOS/UEFI settings for power management.
It could be that the battery percentage used by the firmware to shut down the laptop is higher than what Plasma is set up for notification.
You might also look at these settings in TLP as well. https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php?title=Power_Savings

Bios on my laptop is very basic (Samsung Series 3 350V5C ) Battery percentage is not shown in the Desktop panel with the battery indicator.Only shows percentage via tooltips if I enable them.TLP was already installed but I re installed it and enabled the settings…seee how it goes

I dont think its a bios thing as I normally get a battery low warning on other distros

UPDATE: TLP didn’t seem to work so Im trying laptop-mode-tools …see how that goes

UPDATE: Maybe it is bios thing … Laptop died with 48% battery … I don’t think it was really 48% as it was only plugged in a few minutes

just thinking …maybe the battery needs recalibrating

Turns out my battery died while calibration! Guess that’s why I was having problems
Got new battery on the way… See if I get low battery warning with the new one

You know, I did have the thought that this could just be a bad battery. When a battery start to go bad they usually stop reporting the correct power level.

New battery… Low battery warning is back :slight_smile:

Make sure your power brick is good, and sending the corect amount of current to charge the battery.
Also, did you purchase the correct battery supplied by the laptop manufacturer, or an online supposedly compatible battery?

Hi AJSlye
yeah all good now …OEM battery should do the trick for a while
Many thanks for you support :slight_smile:

NP, I’m glad it’s working right for you now.