Low volume on VLC Player


I’m getting very low volume on VLC media player on Netrunner 17. The alsamixer settings are at their maximum. Tried switching between alsamixer and pulse audio; no difference, I also use Deadbeef for listening to music. On that the volume is pretty good. Any got any suggestions on this?

Thanks in advance.

As we use pulseaudio by default and that saves audio volumes for each app individually did you check the volume control in the tray to see if the volume of VLC is up.
You can also use the mousewheel to raise the volum above 100% in VLC.

Yes, i did. Even with the volume control at 100, I still need to go well beyond 100 in the player to hear anything. Comparing it to deadbeef, with the volume control at 75 and the app volume control at 40, the output is quite loud. My system is dual-boot with Win10 on which I’m getting excellent output even at low volume on vlc.

Did you check all alsamixer mixers ?
Can you make a screenshot of all mixers ?