Main Panel Got Messed Up...

I tried adding a few widgets to the main panel/task bar and then the main Menu button disappeared!
So I deleted the whole panel and tried adding it back again and now it will ONLY add it back to the top
of the desktop. What is the deal with this??

How do I add the main panel back to the bottom of my screen and how do I add widgets without
messing up the whole panel??

Why didn’t you add a widget to ‘show the desktop’ near the main menu? Why wouldn’t most people
want this?

I added about 4 widgets and everything looked good until I closed the edit widgets toolbar. Then that’s
when the menu disappeared. I NEVER added the Homerun widget. I was careful about editing. There
just should not have been a problem. I have edited and customized the main task bar in Windows over
the years and have NEVER had a problem with it.

I just have to say that this main panel in this distro and KDE is absolutely ridiculous in the way it is
designed! Extremely touchy and FEAR comes over me now if I even THINK of customizing it!!

We all make mistakes especially when we are newbies and have no one to ask about except for Google. :blush:
As you comment I touched the wrong X and you closed it you should not have. :@
Simply put on any desktop right click to add a panel and go. :sleepy:

There is no need for a Show Desktop ICON:
Its built in the right corner, just move your mouse towards the right lower corner, and all windows will minimize to show the desktop.
Also, simply remove all panels, then right-click on desktop and choose “Add Panel” -> Default Panel. That should give you a working panel back.

How do I add the main panel back to the bottom of my screen and how do I add widgets without
messing up the whole panel??

To move panel to bottom go to panel settings, click on Screen Edge…hold and drag panel to the bottom of the screen.
You can drag it to the left or right side of the screen to.

Right click on the panel > then > Options panel > Settings panel > several items appear to choose.

Thanks and I did figure it out. Though I have run into other problems with this distro and have now returned to Zorin.

Respecting your taste (thankfully GNU / Linux has many distributions to choose from) Zorin tried several versions of the top looks very good but in a couple of days is a mess; personally do not recommend it for inexperienced and less, that make them blend generalizen and a whole system because of a single distribution.I do not want to generate controversy and discussion in this forum, I just wanted to express my thanks to the team Netrunner this job very well done, so I defend the project.

Hi Jakk,
can you tell us about the other problems, so we can fix them?

Well, your video is not very clean and sharp. in a paragraph, there might be a few letters missing from words and
if I cursor over them, they may then become visible.

When I play an audio file from the web, the completion bar at the bottom finishes long before the audio.

Flukey things happen as well… like when watching a YouTube video full screen and the go to minimize the window using YouTube’s minimize control, any browser windows that are maximized will then be minimized even before I click the mouse. There have been other issues as well, though I did not write them down. I still have it on my drive
and will let you know if I happen to run into other issues again.

I don’t have this issues with Zorin.
Overall, the whole OS is slow… even boot up takes twice as long as Zorin.