Make an "general Issues" Subpanel for Netrunner 16 ?

Moin, moin!

I have tried Netrunner 16 just a Day ago and stumbled over quite many general things, I would like to complain about. As I used it as livesystem, this doesn’t fit really in the “Installation”-Panel neither in the “Software”-Panel.

But it’s quite a long list of minor bugs, flaws, and suggestions for improvement …
Some >weird< things happened, nothing precise enough to determine a reproduction or to adress it to one single programm.

I think - as NR16 is quite new & tasty - a SubPannel for “general issues and suggestions” would come in handy.

Heads up,

Why not posting it under software ?
Most bugs, problems and so are software related.
Though I think it would be best to divide the various different issues in different threads.
If the threads are related in any way we can merge them later.


… but don’t blame me, because my list became sooooo long. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what pastebin is for. :slight_smile: :wink:

Really interesting stuff.

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