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Make samba share available in Thunderbird file attachement dialogue

Hi folks,
until recently I used netrunner rolling distro which offered the possibility to enter a samba share under systemsettings - network settings - networkdevices.
Without entering the samba share in fstab that entry made the samba share available systemwide and for any application that is offering a fileselection dialogue e.g. Thunderbird for attaching files to an e-mail.
After netrunner rolling is no longer maintained and the developers recommended to switch to manjaro directly I use manjaro since then but I am not able to make samba shares available for Thunderbird.
The mentioned systemsettings option in netrunner rolling for samba shares is not available in manjaro system settings.
I don’t know if the mentioned settings option was a distro specific patch but I couldn’t find any packages that would add this function to the system settings in Manjaro.
Does anybody have any suggestions how to achieve this? Maybe AJSlye or some other maintainer from the former netrunner rolling distro?
Many thanks in advance

If you install kio-fuse and if you have the smb network connected via dolphin you should be able to connect to it via /run/user/1000/kio-fuse directories. The number 1000 may vary depending on the UID of your user.
That should work just fine.

Basicly I thought to add the systemsettings option from netrunner-rolling to manjaro.
I posted my question in the manjaro forum as well and winnie suggested to install smb4k to get the functionality but smb4k didn’t work properly.
Right now I write on an old netrunner-rolling installation and couldn’t find kio-fuse to be installed. So just for my understanding and because it was quite comfortable: How did the netrunner-rolling maintainers achieve the systemsettings option to pop up? Was it a distro specific patch that has to be coded or is there a preconfigured package that could be installed with pacman or from aur?

It was a systemsetting module developed by us. It is called samba-mounter and should be still available via AUR but not sure if that still works as smb mounting is done via mount.cifs and that changed its protocol lately which it uses by default.
So I highly recommend the kio-fuse way which is something developed by KDE Plasma developers to help accessing files via network for all apps.

Hey leszek!
Thanks a lot for your detailed answer. That was exactly what I was looking for. I will follow your advice and try kio-fuse though. I will post your answer in the manjaro forum, too. Maybe it will help someone…
Kind regards