Make Startup Disk doesn't work

I’m trying to make a “Statrtup Disk” to download an iso. When I choose the iso, it will not load no matter what I do. It disappears as soon as I choose the file and click on it. I even the formatted the disk, but the iso simply will not load. Any idea as to why this is not working?

I guess only ubuntu based ISOs are supported by that tool. Are you trying with a ubuntu based ISO ?

No, I’m trying to download netrunner-rolling-2014.09.1-dvd-64bit.iso

Then the starupdisk tool does not work.
I recommend the dd terminal way. (Please change /dev/sdb to your usb device. You can see the device name in gparted after inserting or with dmesg)

sudo dd if=/path/to/iso/netrunner-rolling-2014.09.1-dvd-64bit.iso of=/dev/sdb

I’m sorry, but I’m totally lost. Could you give more specific instruction?

Open the terminal
Plug in your USB stick.
Open gparted and check the device name of your stick.
So something like /dev/sdb.
Type in the above line into the terminal. Replace the path to the path to the downloaded iso and replace the /dev/sdb to the /dev/sdX of your USB stick shown in gparted.
Press enter and type in your password.
The wait until a message appears that writing is finished.

I followed the steps, but can’t quite do it right. I changed the name to /dev/sdb like you said using the gparted.
Opened the terminal and typed sudo dd if=/path/to/iso/netrunner-rolling-2014.09.1-dvd-64bit.iso of=/dev/sdb in order to change the path. Entered the password, but got the following message:
dd: failed to open ‘/path/to/iso/netrunner-rolling-2014.09.1-dvd-64bit.iso’: No such file or directory
So I’m still stuck.

Either use the suse image writer gui (I didn’t know there was a ppa for that) or copy the command into an editor before copying it into the terminal to adjust the path more easily within the editor.

Netrunner Rolling is based on Manjaro, here are the instructions for burning the ISO to USB:

“path/to/iso/netrunner-rolling-2014.09.1-dvd-64bit.iso” needs to be pointing to where you have the ISO file.

Here is the easiest way of doing this:
Use dolphin to open the directory where you have this ISO file downloaded to, then in the Dolpin menu select Tools > Open Terminal and type this in to the terminal window that opens:

sudo dd bs=4M if=netrunner-rolling-2014.09.1-dvd-64bit.iso of=/dev/sdb