Maui versus Netrunner

As Maui is stopped, I am checking Netrunner 19.01 as a substitute.
What are the repositories you consider as reliable ? Do I have to use debian testing ?
You mentioned in the presentation you used Firefox-Quantum and Thunderbird with Plasma Integration, that seems not to be the case in the 19.01 RC version, will it be the case for the stable version ?
Many thanks

Hi smoreau,
since Debian Stable as of now has older KDE packages, we based Netrunner Debian since 16.09 until now on Testing, with making a snapshot of it.
You can easily enable the testing repo in the software sources for continous updates.
Firefox and Thunderbird with Plasma and the new Plasma Integration addon have been causing a few issues, so we decided to ship with the addon only and wait for the official native filedialog to mature.
As of 19.01 we start to rebase the Core version of Netrunner Debian on stable, and long-term plan to switch the Desktop version there too, so we have a unified base.
So if you need a stable KDE version on Debian you could go with Netrunner, if you want an always latest KDE on Ubuntu base, you could go with KDE Neon.
Hope this has helped to get an overview.