Media keys not working

Hi there,
My notebook is “hp pavilion dv5 1060”. My media keys (play/pause, next, previous) not work in 14.1. I tested it with Clementine. Clementine configuration is true and i chose “Pavilion dv5” keyboard in system configuration but yet not works.

Is there any other configuration?

Did you really check the clementine configuration for hotkeys/shortcuts. By default they aren’t set you need to activate them manually.

Yes, the configuration is true. The screen shot attached.

I hate to tell you this but that isn’t a Linux Issue.

I have an HP DV5 laptop as well and the media bar used to sometimes work, an sometimes not. This is a known defect and HP suggests replacing the media bar. If it is still under warranty I would suggest RMA it, otherwise you may need to buy a replacement media bar and installing it yourself. Now, some users have had varied result performing a cold power cycle to remove any static charge built up in the media bar during use, but this doesn’t always work and has to be repeted regularly.

If you don’t believe me, just do a search online for the DV5 media bar issues your having and you’ll see what I mean.

PS. I ended up replacing the media bar myself and now my son uses that laptop without a lick of trouble.

Yes, i believe you especially when you use the “volume up” and “volume down” on media bar.

I solved the problem with custom shortcut definition in system configuration. The instruction is below:

System -> System settings -> Shortcuts and Gestures

In “Custom shortcuts” i’m adding new action group( Edit -> New Group) named Clementine. In this action group i’m adding four global shortcuts( Edit -> New -> Global shortcut -> Command/url) for four actions( play/pause, stop, next, previous) then i assigned Media play, Media stop, Media next, Media previous in order and mapped command for each of them. The commands that i used are:
“/usr/bin/celementine -t” for play/pause,
“/usr/bin/clementine -s” for stop,
“/usr/bin/clementine -f” for next,
“/usr/bin/clementine -r” for previous
and media keys are worked perfectly.
Any other suggestion for better solution?

Here’s a variation of the same approach (creating custom shortcuts). The solution is from jaimesilva in another forum:
I suggest: “apt-get install mpris-remote”.

And then assing the keys to commands like this:

Stop: mpris-remote stop
Play/Pause: mpris-remote pause
Previous: mpris-remote prev
Next: mpris-remote next

Now it should work with any MPRIS compliant player[/i] (Clementine is one) :smiley: