Megasync folder overlays & context menus

I don’t remember how I actually installed Mega (I believe through Package Manager search & install), and i have nautilus for Mega installed also & updated to 2.8.0 (megasync is at 2.7.2 & won’t update further).

So no folder overlays or context UNLESS I go through my Dropbox folder via the Dropbox panel icon which IS working correctly.

Any help w/b very much appreciated. Image posted is what I’d like through my Mega that I have to get through my Dropbox to view.

UPDATE: I DID manage to get both Megasync & nautilus both @ 2.8.0 but still hafta go through my Dropbox to see folder overlays and get mega file links in context menu and also did a complete uninstall, reboot, & re-install of both megasync & the nautilus for mega.