Merge removable devices entries in systemsettings

I have two modules with the same icon and name "Removable Devices " (resp. “Wechselmedien” as DE) in the Hardware section of systemsettings: device_automounter_kcm.desktop and solid-actions.desktop.

To ease confusion I merged the two in one category. You already provide that category with the same name (/usr/share/netrunner-default-settings/plasma5-profile/kservices5/settings-removable-devices.desktop), so all I had to do was edit the two files device_automounter_kcm.desktop and solid-actions.desktop and change
X-KDE-System-Settings-Parent-Category= hardware to removable-devices.

As soon as I did also the second icon and name changed… probably solid-actions’ icon and name were confused by the group with the same name?

I wonder if this could be Netrunner default?

Yeah that sounds sane.