Merry Christmas KDE users here's Animated Snow Desktop

But a ppa and Arch available.
Animated Snow plugin kwin-effect-snow on Dual 22" Displays KDE Netrunner Rolling.

Youtube example

Nice find sir, I’m sure our users are going to find this useful.

I already had this installed but then again I have been using Linux and KDE for many, many, many years now. My first Linux installation was Debian running fvwm2 (that I got out of a Linux magazine) way back in the early 90’s, after KDE released version 1.0 in 98, and as soon as it was available in the repositories I installed it and and never looked back. I’ve tried gnome and other DE over the years but they never quite measured up to KDE for me, well with the exception of Enlightenment that is, LOL :). Anyway, Marry Christmas to you as well.

Had links to wallpaper and such but got the spam hit and wouldn’t let me post.

And using this one spit in half for my dual display setup.

I like to use desktop nexus for most of my wallpapers:
This site automatically detects your screen resolution, click on enlarge and you’ll get an image you can use on your desktop.

Here is my favorite nativity scene:

Awesome plugin, just what I was looking for. Happy holidays!

Nice! Yep one thing the Internet doesn’t lack is Wallpaper sites!

And yep the problem is most that supply dual wallpaper don’t detect in multimonitor in my resolution of (2) 1680x1050 screens. Which is 3360x1050. So down highest res. and resize then crop into 2 halves since KDE can’t span wallpaper which would be a great added feature.

Ohhh Noes! Too Late don’t think we will get it before Christmas? :s


What am I to Do? No falling Snow on my Desktop this Christmas?
As not in the repo’s yet. Ohhh Well Me Sad :-/

OK, here you go my old friend:

sudo pacman -S plasma-wallpaper-snow

Just for you, have a great Christmas…

[orbmiser@Winterfell ~]$ sudo pacman -S plasma-wallpaper-snow

error: target not found: plasma-wallpaper-snow

Refresh the repository.

sudo pacman -Sy plasma-wallpaper-snow

Still haven’t picked up those new gel packs have ya. LOL :wink:

Of Course Not! They Haven’t been Invented Yet! :stuck_out_tongue:

And sorry but struggle trying to remember all those cryptic commands and flags that are Klingon to Me! :s

Thank you click thru image to Flickr where I praise your efforts!

And give you ALL Book & Movie Rights to your Great Effort! :stuck_out_tongue: