Mini HowTo: Getting synaptic wirth customised fonts


I’ve a handicap with my eyes, so I like big fonts on my desktop, liberation / size 12.

When I start synaptic, I get little fonts, it is a pain for me to work with it. Synaptic uses default fonts setting. Under Debian without sudo mechanism not a problem, kdesu systemsettings > modifing fonts and the next start of synaptic shows this modified fonts.

But under netrunner16 it is a little bit tricky. kdesudo systemsettings let me configure fonts, but this refers to /home/my-user and not to /root. But synaptic still uses default settings.

The following helps:

  1. Switching with Strg+Alt+F1 to console
  2. login as first user
sudo -i
init 3

(starting kde as root)
6. systemsettings > fonts configuration
7. kde logout

init 5 && exit

Now I have a synaptic with customised fonts settings.

Kind regards,

I am not so happy about you starting the Xserver as root.
Therefore I propose a less problematic way by just creating the config for your local user and then copying ~/.gtkrc-2.0 to /root & ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini to /root/.config/gtk-3.0/ .

So basically those two commands

sudo cp ~/.gtkrc-2.0 /root/
sudo cp ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini /root/.config/gtk-3.0/

But thanks for the tutorial :slight_smile: