Minimise/Maximise windows?

Hi Guys
Loving Netrunner 15, working like a dream, just one question which im not sure if its a Linux/KDE/Kstars or whatever problem?. Im running the astronomy prog Kstars for my observatory and within Kstars I have a few windows open and if I need to minimise one of them it drops to the Kstars minimise button at the bottom panel and if I need to access it again I then have to minimise Kstars and them maximise Kstars again and all the windows are now open. Id like to have the individual windows minimised to their own buttons but cant seem to find out how to do that any ideas please?.
A tutorial on Youtube shows Kstars with various minimsed buttons in the bottom panel so I assume its doable.

What Task manager are you using in the panel?
I would first check the setting in it, this sounds like your having an application grouping issue to me.

Hi Aj
I think its just the Plasma Task manager the standard one that came with Netrunner!
See attached grab.


Expanding task manager is what this was called under Plasma 4 (KDE SC 4), under Plasma 5 it is included as the default and now just called Task Manager. I think you may be using the older version somehow, try clicking on the task manager and selecting alternative to see if you have (Icon-only Task Manager, Task Manager and Windows List) also available.

Cheers for that Aj.
Yes I do have those options

Good, switch it to using task manager which is the same thing as expanding-icons task manager and see if you still have the issue, if not then if it is a separately installed package I would suggest removing the latter from your system.

Hi Aj
Still same took a grab of the settings, would these allow individual minimised buttons?.
If I minimise each window in Kstars no button appears at the bottom only when I minimise Kstars itself!
I installed from the Netrunner 15 iso, haven`t installed a separate task manager.

This is a normal behavior. Modal windows won’t get its own taskbar entry. I am not sure if this changeable

I`ve seen a youtube on Kstars/Indi demoing the Indi telescope control with Kstars and they had individual buttons in the bottom panel so it appears possible AFAIK :dodgy:

I just installed Kstars and see what you mean. As Leszek said this is a normal behavior for modal windows under Plasma 5. Modal windows are part of the application itself and are not separate instances so they are not going to show up in the taskmanager under plasma 5 like they did under KDE SC 4 (Plasma 4).

Bummer :s never mind!!
AFAIK the writer of the Indi software and also who did the Youtube video uses Kubuntu 15.04 which I assume is not a million miles from Netrunner 15 with the Plasma 5 stuff. I did ask the same question on the Indi forum and Jasem (the writer and the mod) is a very helpful chap but only seems to respond to actual Indi questions. Guess I`ll have to bear with it for now, no probs. Thanks for your help peeps:)