minor installer 'bugs'

While doing a new reinstall with 2014.09 (edit: was 2014.9.1), I noticed two minor things during the slide show while the installer works:

  1. One slide mentions listening to music with Amarok. Should be Clementine.
  2. Another slide has something about …who’s contributions make it a reality…" should be whose


First, please if you haven’t already download and test the latest 1204.09.1 ISO.

Second, those are just aesthetic issues and are probably not going to get fixed since the next snapshot ISO will more than likely be using the new Calamares Installer and not Thus.

Blue Systems (Netrunner) along with Manjaro, KaOS, Maui, Chakra, OpenMadriva, Fedora, BBQ Linux and the KDE Visual Design Group, as well as many other developers from the Linux and QT communities, have been working on a new distribution independent and modular installer framework named Calamares for some time now: http://calamares.github.io/