Missing groups editing

I have searched, but not found. maybe I am searching for the wrong thing as I am not a native English speaker…
It seems to me I can not find a way to really administrate users and groups.

The user administration is very simple and I am not able to change any groups there.

I am trying to set up a guest account. On my installation, not guest user is present. I have made a guest user, but need to add it to the guest group.

I would like to have it so that it copies the settings from a separate account every time it is rebooted. This is my guide:


I could never get the normal Guest session set to automatic login, so I need a real account for it.

I hope this makes sense.

What tool can be used to edit groups (no CLI please - and I do not even want to discuss why)?

The user-manager kcm isn’t an official release from KDE as yet, and it is supposed to be a basic tool. To do what you need to do, you would need to use the command line or the old/trusted Kuser application.

sudo apt-get install kuser

I will check out kuser. Thank you very much!

In the previous version I used of Netrunner, I was alloed to set the Guest login as automatic, so it logged directly in as Guest. This is not possible in the latest version. Is it a bug, or is there a reason why it was removed?