missing packages in NRR 2018

Of course you can ALWAYS add packs, but some seem to miss more than others:

  1. seahorse, gksu, gcr, gnome-keyring :heart: apacman

with it, you will not always be bothered to enter root-passwd in octopi and all other apps.
great time saver, but absent from standard Netrunner. Poor choice! :frowning:

having written that, I haven’t figured out how to reproduce this on a new install.

it sure is poss to store passwd in octopi in gnome-keyring / seahorse so the dreaded bloody password prompt is silenced.

but how to to it?

gcrprompter is not a legal option in ~/.gnupg *.conf

so how to force its use? remove all other pinentry packages ? NOT possible! octopi wont do it.

the frontend programmers ussuallly cannot help here, to them, its a “lib thing”.

to get rid of the bloody password prompt one must put gcrprompter to use and get rid of pinentry-qt , the latter of which does not allow to reuse the password.

turns out, gksu does the trick. modified the request accordingly. use gksu , not kdesu in octopi options for passwordless installs :heart: :heart: :heart: :smiley: :wink: :idea: :rolleyes: :angel: