Netrunner moodboard ideas go here

Ok so I’m working on a moodboard but since a moodboard is “trying to sum up the visual or design goal in imagery” (more or less its a lot more than that) I’m struck by the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a clear goal visually or rather not one stated - so I’ve assumed stuff based on the previous posts here.

Will work on it further and post it tonight but that will be based on what I assume you guys are going for here.

From what I understand the idea is going for a retro feel? I mean considering the windeco and the icons. Or rather that is what I assumed based on the information already nailed down.

Jens, as always there is 50% intuition and 50% radnom luck throwing stuff together and see connections by chance or not. So like Frontier was changed very late in the game, we currently need to start brainstorming in the wallpaper, colors and general feel direction.
An indication would be the codename Prometheus, which is somewhat gut-felt in line with the previous chosen codenames.
Otherwise, we have various themes and icons to choose from, just I don’t want to get Netrunner that “deviant-art” feel of flat icons+boring theme+mac-like wallpaper, as thats what everyone and grandma seems to do and Cinnamon started very early on with Faenza.
I have already a very good feeling again with Enlightenment, our standard theme, which feels and looks awesome and distinct on plasma 5 still and mixes and matches well, but also want to try the edges how far away we can carry Plasma 5 Themeing for Netrunner and learning things on the way.
So throw in crazy ideas, odd colors, weird art, and if it mixes and blends together in the end like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I’m all for it :slight_smile:

Ok so I’ll throw in suggestions in the threads and start at that end

Ok so first draft at a Moodboard.
Now for those who don’t usually work with Moodboards - they are a way to focus design work and a feeling more than exact specs. As work progress (and considering the 11th hour here) I will keep adding and refining it to more exactly fit what ever we come up with until we get to a Design Document - which is essentially a document which not only covers the sensation, the feeling of a piece, but details like fonts, graphical elements, inspirations etc.

This first draft is based on Clemens linking to a video in an email as that was the sensation he went for. Watched and rewatched and this is my pong to the videos ping as it where.
Essentially “underwater - mysticism - dark and a little bit mysterious - technological but melancholy - smooth - flowing.” was my take on it.

So tonight I’ll post refined things (that I’m working on now) but I thought I’d post everything in term so that we can go back and forth and be angry at each other :wink:

So for the first draft its mostly me picking out images and things I think “fit” with the mood I got - from then we move forwards… oh and I’ll link to clemens video too

Which Kinda led me onward to Madonna’s Frozen

And from there to Wood Kids excellent song/video series (first one being Iron)

Good moodboard!
First image reminded me instantly on this atmosphere:
Lana Del Ray comes to mind…

Suggesting some sci fi futuristic elements like TRON in the mix, very streamlined simplified…

Simplicity Blue gives imo a nice watery yet metro-esque feel:

Ok still working on moodboard - kinda got ahead of myself for ideas for Windeco and Log-in Splash and thought I should post it here just so you guys have some incline where my brain is heading with this right now.

I know its a bit a head of time but thought I should post it anyway to have it saved here for the future


Moving on with “Shapes” to sort of narrow into something here :slight_smile:

Essentially a mix between moodboard and design draft.


Ok so I played around with an idea for boot or splash animation… its not that good (Synfig Studio almost drove me entirely crazy :slight_smile: ) so its a bit speedy in the end of it… but here it is anyway
Yeah so the little ball is really a bit too speedy in the middle but as a sketch to present an idea - well there it is

Aaaand did one on brightness and contrast moving on with the Deep Sea/Biological theme here.

Essentially its about contrasting colors and bright colors as warning. Sort of how we can play with dark dark blues and bright orange colors as long as we use the bright colors sparingly and that the strength of colors, when dark and within the same color range work whatever level of saturation used.

Also: should mention I’ve obviously got stock with the Deep Ocean feel for things here. Prometheus, primal, evolution…

Ooooh an Idea for a wallpaper based on the Mac wallpaper classic (the starlit sky) BUT set in the ocean instead as a sort wink-and-a-nod :slight_smile:

Here is a first concept for desktop theme and window decoration. It’s not really a moodboard, but I’ll place it here.


Oh that is VERY nice :smiley:

Just out of curiosity, can we do the Desktop Theme so that the panel colors is dependant on placement? Say the bottom panel is transparent/blurred and if the panel is placed in top its the same color as the proposed window decoration (which looks like a shaded version of Plastik btw?).

Also will start bombing you poor bastards with mockups, wallpapers and suggestions in the coming days

What about the Prometheus wallpaper based on the deepsea glow mood?

YES! Thank fekk you told me, totally slipped my mind! Ok give me a few hours need to finish up one thing first and then well do a few of those, I have some half done already fixed (right now I have four of the space-cutting-into-reality ones so four of the deep sea ones would be awesome)

Thanks :smiley:
Well I’m not sure about color dependency, we could try it out.

Got drowned in playing catch-up today will get to the office by about 12 tomorrow and sit there for the entire day to get the wallpapers up to snuff.

@deck well you can always edit the SVG’s to use different colors depending on panel size or placement I think? I’ll look into that tomorrow.

Oh, yeah, I thought changing colors based on “color scheme”.