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Mouse Problem on Installation


I am putting Netrunner Core on my new laptop with Maui as well. But have a weird thing on the Live cd. It boots up not a problem. At the Desktop you see the mouse pointer in the top left of the screen. I have done this with no mouse installed and just the touch-pad enabled.

And the cursor does not move. But you can move the mouse around. And for example right click and it will bring up the menus. You have to try and guess with the mouse point would/could be. The pointer icon does not move from the top left. It is like frozen there. You move the mouse and if you have it near an icon it will be highlighted.

I wonder if anyone else has had this issue


Hello there,

I had the same problem. Installing nvidia-driver solved that (though plasma taskbar is now gone, so I am solving that at the moment).


Was that on the live cd ??

So I would have to install with the mouse problem. And once it is installed then do the Nvidia update