Mouse/trackpad issues on Ideapad

Good day everybody.

I am somewhat new to Linux, have been using Mint 19.1 Cinnamon for a few months now but wanted to look at something “lighter” and installed netrunner 18 idolon yesterday (dual-boot). I am quite happy with the look and feel and would like to make it my default os. BUT I have some very irritating problems with the trackpad and mouse.

My system is a Lenovo Ideapad 110-141BR with 4 Gb RAM and 1TB HDD and Elantech trackpad. The mouse pointer goes crazy whenever I move the mouse, pointers all over the place, in every app I use. Some are worse than others. The video in SMplayer is fine in full screen but a few pointers show up in windowed mode. Yarock and Audacity is just about unusable, I never know which pointer is actually mine. In Konsole and sometimes in other apps little blocks with what seems to be part of other windows appear at random. Disabling the trackpad (Fn+F6) has no effect on this problem.

Please help! I would LOVE to keep on using this distro but it’s driving me crazy!

(I have posted this thread on the Netrunner page but think it is more suitable for the General page.)

Please only post stuff ones. Not twice. If it is related to Netrunner Debian thats the correct subforum to post.

Thank you leszek. Will do.