Mouseover/mouse hovering and folder preview functions. [SOLVED]

I am a noob and am not very familiar with geek talk, so pardon me if the terminologies I use are considered improper.

I just installed Netrunner 17 (KDE Plasma Version: 5.5.3 - Qt Version: 5.5.1 - Kernel Version: 4.2.0.-27-generic - OS Type: 64-bit)

Moving the mouse pointer over an icon e.g Application Launcher in the taskbar, I expected a small window popping up showing details of the particular icon but it does not.

The same applies in Dolphin, when hovering the mouse pointer over a folder there is no response whatsoever.

In addition, the preview function of the (Dolphin) folders does not seem to work either. When placing a picture (jpg etc.) into a folder I expected it show through the folder but it does not. I could not find anything pertinent to this in settings Configure Dolphin.

I searched this forum and Googled to the best of my ability but was not able finding a solution to these flaws.

Is there a fix available for the mouseover and folder pre-view function?

You posted in the wrong sub-forum, this is the Netrunner Rolling sub-forum.
Next time please post under the correct (Netrunner 17) sub-forum:

The icons in the panel are actually widgets, I don’t believe that hover (tool tips) is available under Plasma 5 for widgets.

For dolphin look under Settings > Configure Dolphin > General:
To see previews when hovering over folders and files turn on “Show tooltips” in the Behaviour tab.
Previews in the folder icons can be activated by selecting “Folders” under the Previews tab (All preview option for dolphin can be enabled and disabled here)

Thanks for responding.

Sorry for posting in the wrong sub-forum and will be guarded accordingly the next time I post a new topic.

Should I transfer this post to the correct sub-forum?

Right-clicking Panel - in “Expanding Icons Task Manager Settings - Plasma” the square box indicating ‘Show tooltips’ is highlighted (enabled) but the hover function is not working. Disabling and re-enabling "Show tooltips’ did not make any difference.

In dolphin the square box indicating ‘Show tooltips’ is also highlighted (enabled) but the preview function is not working i.e. picture(s) placed in a folder do no show through the folder cover; The folder remains non-transparent. Disabling and re-enabling ‘Show tooltips’ did not make any difference.

Open up dolphin, and go to Settings > Configure Dolphin > General > Previews and select folders:

Yes, this worked. Many thanks for this tip; All is okay now!