Move from Standard to Rolling?

[color=#000080]If I install the version of Netrunner Manjaro Arch Standar and then I want to migrate to Netrunner Rolling
Do I have to reinstall the whole system? :s
If I have installed Netrunner Standar
How I can spend a Netrunner Manjaro Arch without reinstalling everything?
[/color] :huh:

Hi Ghermain,

the Standard is Kubuntu/Debian-based and therefore not compatible with Rolling, which is Manjaro/Arch based. So you cannot change from one to the other… like Linux Mint and LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition), you have to choose your base and then stick with it or re-install.

Netrunner Rolling is not based on Debian. We use packages form Manjaro, which is based on Arch Linux. So both releases are different as Starbuck told you already. What you can do is to reuse your home-dir, when you have installed that folder on separate partition. Otherwise you can backup your private data and configs and try to merge those settings with Netrunner Rolling. A script or tool to switch over is not planned yet.

[color=#000080]Thanks @starbuck and @philm for your answers; wait I put the version of Netrunner Rolling Release 64 to do a clean install and change my previous Standard Netrunner.[/color] :slight_smile:

I’m also waiting for a 64bit version to install on this machine, have the 32bit on my test machine and so far it’s running great…

I might also install the 64bit at some point of time if i mess up my manjaro system. At this point of time using the blueshells repo and picking up some niceties there should do the job :wink: Also to Ghermain: If you have Manjaro KDE installed I would not go trough the trouble of re-installing. If you dont have it, you might as well wait until netrunner comes out especially if you like the net runner desktop configuration and don’t want to do much chances :slight_smile:

If I install Manjaro KDE then install Netrunner-system-settings etc. will I get what I have on the 32bit but in 64bit versions (wallpapers, system-settings, log in screen, etc.)?

How would I go about this and would there be anything I need to install, remove or setup before using blueshells repo?

Netrunner provides several packages. Mostly divided between configurations (netrunnerarch-default-settings) and artwork (netrunnerarch-artwork) . If you want firefox with kde integration you need to grb this also from the blueshell repo (firefox-kde). The same goes for some other applications.
When it comes to setting up the theme you need to do this manually as the artwork package only installs the artwork.

I think I’ll just wait for a 64bit ISO.

Thanks brother,

They have a 64 bit repo up already. A re-install only makes sense if you reaaaally love the desktop customization of the netrunner team and would like to replicate that. For me installing the netrunner would be just extra work because it would take me an half a day to get it back where i want to have it :slight_smile:

Ps. The artwork should include "Netrunner<3Manjaro"Wallpaper :smiley:

I was thinking of installing it on my other PC that currently has Windows 7 on it, so it wouldn’t be more work at all. I have 3 computersm My laptop with Manjaro E18, my test machine (right now testing Netrunner Arch) and My home PC/File server runing Windows7 with an attached external eSATA drive enclosure holding 4 1Tb drives.

But how soon the 64bit os gonna be release any weak or date ?

Will it be on stable or on testring one ?

It’s ready when it’s ready (but before elementary OS :slight_smile: )

Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I’m thinking of switching to rolling too.

Will this really work? Are the software versions close enough that there shouldn’t be any issues doing this? My /home is on its own partition so I’d really like to just install rolling on top of my standard.

That can be tricky, but not impossible. In the installer select custom and choose the /boot and / and swap partitions and format just those, leave your /home partition alone, don’t format it just mount it again as /home. There are plenty of tutorials on this online about this, just search for installing Manjaro and keeping home partition.

Thank you. Yeah, I know how to actually do it, I’ve done it with other distros with varying degrees of success. I was more concerned with the possibility of stuff not working properly with a preserved /home.

Netrunner settings should be the same between the two versions. However, if you don’t feel confident about it then you could always delete all the hidden files and folders from your /home directory prior to install.