Mozilla not recognising Transmission

When I go to download, in my pass experience on windows it gives me the option of transmission or shareza, but mozilla does not recognise transmission? is there a fix for this.I try to avoid installing new programs cos usually its such a headache with linux. But I love netrunner, I can see linux has come along way, thanks to netrunner team, i love the oxygen theme it should come as standard!

If transmission-qt is installed it should be an option for torrent files in Firefox.
What do you exactly do in Firefox regarding Transmission ?
Are you trying to open torrent files or rather magnet links maybe ?

I go to pitate bay press magnet, transmission is installed, or shareza is another, but tranmission is preinstalled, but firefox does not go to transmission, it just does nothing. I’m a newbie lol

That’s actually a bug in transmission. It does not like the magnet link. It should be fixed with a newer version. Though I don’t think debian will update to this newer version.

R thanks that makes sense. As I also get a message when in Gmail that this version of firefox is nolonger supported. So what you are saying that that is the most uptodate version of mozilla, no way to update mozilla? I guess Chromium might be worth a try do your reccomend any other browsers that work well with netrunner?

You should take a look if there isn’t an update available for firefox via the packagemanager.
I think firefox 50 should be available.
Chromium in Debian stable currently has a bug not accepting ssl certificates from symantec. This can make the whole browsing experience bad.

Open “Preferences” within the FireFox Browser & select “Applications”
Scroll down the list of “content type” to “magnet” and click the “Action” and select the bit torrent program installed.