MTP (android) connection issue

I have an issue then attempt to connect my android phone(android 5) to netrunner… it appears only as PTP :dodgy: . This is not phone/phone setup issue… mtp is enabled in the settings and works fine for Mac OS X and Windows. Couple weeks ago it works without any effort and seems like some update eliminate this option :-/ . Any suggestion how to get it back??

Is kio-mtp installed ?


The main library libmtp9 should be then also installed.
But if kio-mtp is installed and libmtp9 aswell it should work when it worked before.
Maybe try going directly to mtp:/ in dolphin to see if it shows any devices.
Perhaps only the removable device manager link is broken

well it just sometimes start works… but suddenly stopped. And after that just not appear in Dolphin as MTP. :-/ Probably some daemon just dead and not restarted for some reason??

It might be then a implementation problem with the phone you have. Some have only pooly integrated mtp which causes the mtp:/ protocol to crash. They usually use some buggy mtp implementation which needs than some hacks and out of standard workarounds in the mtp lib. So perhaps you find a issue up on libmtps source tracker and maybe they fixed something upstream for your device.
Otherwise you need to stick to something that works like sftp/ssh

Slimy, why not use kdeconect?