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MTP fail

I can’t create dir in SDcаrd or internal storage in subdirs everything fine.
MTP service seems fail on run sometimes. Any chance have normal support linux device from linux desktop? It’s a shame but in windows everything works smooth and reliable.

MTP is a protocol invented by microsoft so there will be drawbacks. The kio-mtp support is still essential yet and fails to work for me completely. I have to use the camera:/ kio and gladly my device (Jolla Phone) allows PTP access. There is also mtpfs which is a fuse layer for mtp. Its command line only and works like the mount command but it only mounts mtp devices. Maybe this might work better for you.

Is there anything else that can be done to improve it? The MTP support on netrunner and Lg G2 running 4.4.2 is just nerve-wrecking…

You could try compiling a new libmtp version.
I compiled a git version to make my jolla phone working properly.

If MTP is windows native, what about using wine to install drivers? Did anyone tried that?

Wine allows you to run software under linux writen for Windows by taking system calls (like hardware access), etc. and passing them to their Linux counterparts, you CAN NOT load device drivers into wine.

There is a post elsewhere in this forum where we discovered that he couldn’t write to the root folder or into certain sub-folders of the phones memory and/or SD card while it’s plugged into their phone, This is just how MTP works on Linux, like the rest of the Unix/Linux files system hierarchy the root and system folders can only be written to by the root user (Administrator), normal users don’t have permission.

Edited 06/10

So we are backbtobsquare one ? :frowning:

Just out of curiosity, why are you trying to make a new folder off of /(root) on your phone, why not just use the existing folders?

PS. You can also use your phone as a USB device in the file system with mtpfs (fuse) here is a tutorial on how to do this:

The problem seesm to be hugely related to the type of software (rom) there is installed on the phone. I had stock rom on LG G2 and I had moderate problems with file transfer. When I had Rayglobe V4 it was titally impossible. Now that I switched to Pardus HDC, I have no problems at all…

Might be useful for someone :smiley:

It sounds like the MTP implementation on the phones ROM could have been the culprit, thanks for the information.

Well this is still weir limitation. Why I have to have special permission for write in root of my SD cart then with card reader I have no problem.

Probably because android IS Linux.
Like all Linux distributions only root can access the system directories and your not root when accessing the system via usb.