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Multi-language support for Persian in Netrunner?



I used Linux Mint and Multi-language support comes by default with it and I could type in Persian (a.k.a. Farsi) readily. I liked NetRunner for its look and feel but I could not add any language to its keyboard layout, and I am not sure about Persian/Arabic fonts it supports. I wish NetRunner could also add multi-clocks for dual time-zone (simliar to windows) and Jalali Calander.


Hi, I myself could find the solution. follow these steps:

  1. Update all your packages after the first installation (NetRunner 17 - Horizon). In fact, I had Muon software updater but after I installed updates, I noticed muon has disappeared and now I have Synaptic package manager instead, which is better than Muon, in my view.
  2. in Synaptic package manager, in the search field type “Farsi” and all related packages will show up. I chose these packages so far: Language-pack-kde-fa, myspell-fa, libreoffice-110-n-fa, and fonts-farsiweb. Next, type “Persian” and install firefox-locale-fa and fonts-freefarsi.
  3. After installing them, go to start menu/settings/system settings and then choose input device. then choose Keyboard.
  4. In the Layouts Tab, in the middle of the box, the is an option “Configure Layouts”. Without selecting this option, you cannot add a new layout to your keyboard. After choosing this option, “Add” button activates and you can now press it to add a new language layout to your keyboard.
  5. Make sure that in the opening box, choose “Any language”, and in Layout combobox, choose Persian. For the rest, choose default options. Apply the changes.
  6. When you are done, you will see that “us” will appear next to clock. You can click to choose “ir” or use the default short-cut key Alt+Ctl+K to switch between the languages.
  7. Note that پ is not the on \ but is on M.
    امیدوارم مفید بوده باشد