Multi-Media Driver?


PLEASE develop a driver for the Intel processor that will work well with audio/video and YouTube!!

Why wait for Ubuntu people to do it?

I LOVE this distro, but this is the one thing that really annoys me as I am a BIG multi-media guy!!

Funny thing is,… I am now running ZORIN 6.3 and do not have these so-called Ubuntu/Debian play back problems. So Starbuck telling me this is an issue across the Ubuntu distro’s is Incorrect!

That’s interesting to know, although people are having continuing issues with intel audio under Ubuntu/Kubuntu.
Is Zorin using Alsa or Pulseaudio?
What backend they use (vlc or gstreamer)?
Anything else you notice is different?
Is Zorin 6.3 based on 13.04?

PS. Have you tried our latest BETA 13.06? Do the issues remain?