Muon 2.2.1 and UP, Plasma 5.2.2 news

Muon 2.2.1 is currently available in the community repository, it now works properly under Manjaro (Netrunner Rolling) with all the appropriate dependency’s automatically installed and configured as well, with one tinny exception of bash-completion, this will need to be selected or added for installation separately. There is still no AUR, cache management, or sources (repository editing) support however, but the command line, dolphin, kate and/or octopi, octopi-plugins are always good alternatives for these.

The next stable update-pack will pull in Plasma 5.2.2 which brings with it many bug fixes and enhancements to the Plasma 5 desktop including many to Muon:

Look here for the complete change log for Plasma 5.2.2:

PS. The muon-updater.desktop file needs to be modified to launch properly under Netrunner Rolling (Manjaro) the -caption option doesn’t work.

To fix this open up /usr/share/applications/muon-updater.destop with Kate or your favorite text editor as root and delete -caption from the exec= line like this:

Note: Muon doesn’t seem to have this issue with it’s muon-discover.desktop file.

You also can not save the settings for Muon updater, I’m not quite sure what is causing this atm.
It just needs to be launched manually right now to check for updates.

Does muon work even if you haven’t changed/upgraded to plasma 5?

Are there any advantages over octopi?

Also I see there is a muon in blueshell and one in the community and they have very different version numbers, are they still the same or different?..

No. you would need to be using Plasma 5 as the Muon 5.2.x versions are now a part of plasma desktop releases. I have posted a migration to Plasma 5 thread here:

The version in the blueshell repository is older and never worked under Manjaro (Arch), Aleix the Muon developer an Arch user himself and the version available in the community repository was released by the Plasma desktop developers with the official packages maintained by upstream Arch,

Make sure you have moved the blueshell repository to the bottom of the sources list in order to change it’s priority or the older version will be installed by default, I would suggest doing this anyway since a few other applications are also newer upstream in the Manjaro repositories.

I posted the pros and cons of using Muon already, I keep both Octopi and Muon installed for both notification and AUR support. Once I can manage sources in muon-discover, save settings and receive update notifications from muon-updater and find a possible replacement for a AUR GUI application, I may just remove octopi altogether and use them instead.