Muon Updater

So had 273 ? updates this morning. So started up Muon updater.

Now how do I know it’s progressing? As have iffy Wifi sometimes.
Just shows Circle and useless back and forth Ping Pone Progress bar.

Are they going to add more features like showing actual download progress,size overall percentage of downloads?
Lost my wifi and manually re-connected. But how do I know that Muon recovered and continuing to download packages?
Ahhh now 10mins later and it pops up with an Unknown Error dialog.

Is Apper no longer a current or valid option? My first choice as was integrated better with KDE. Showed scrolling list of packages with real-time progress for each package.

Thinking should unintall the Muon notifier and install the Octopi notifier and use Octopi for updates. At least I can tell on Octopi when there is a problem with my wifi or see problems.

Only issue now get to restart and use Octopi instead for second go around. But looking to install Octopi-Notifier. But there is a qt-4 and qt-5. Qt-5 is saying for xfce. So which notifier do I install?

No, Apper also depends on packagekit, the same as Muon. For now the best option would be octopi and/or octopi notifier or the command line. As far as getting these issues fixed with Muon and/or packagekit, I’ve currently had little to no response from upstream.

Thanks for the info as which Octopi-Notifier qt-4 or qt-5? As the qt-5 one says for xfce.

For Plasma5 it would actually be octopi-notifier-frameworks.

PS. I think I might know what your getting for X-Mas, some new neural gel packs perhaps.

Ahh I saw the frameworks and didn’t know if that was a part of the others.

Glow in the Dark Neural Gel Packs are Cool! Makes my eyes Glow in the Dark! :stuck_out_tongue: