Muon updating

I went into the Muon Package Manager today to see if there was anything to update, as I have had no notifications since I set the install up a week ago. At the time there was a huge backlog of updates as I actually installed some months ago but have only just got round to setting it up for use. I can’t recall if there was a notification or not.
Today there were some security updatables, but I would have had to set each one individually, so I tried the Muon Updater instead. This told me I didn’t have the authority to run updates. This seems to be a bug, I googled it. So I used Synaptic.
How do I ensure I’m notified of updates? It worked on Dryland.

Notifications for Updates were disabled for the enigma release.

No doubt for some excellent reason. What was it?

Here is a post about it:

Thanks. I get the point, though I see the matter of security updates is raised, but not answered, in that thread. I’ll jut have to do manual checks from time to time to apply security updates manually.