"My Computer" link on Desktop no longer functional...

I just noticed that doulbe-clicking the “My Computer” link on the desktop no longer works for me. I receive the following error message.

[code]The webpage at error:/?error=105&errText=sysinfo%3A%2F%2F#sysinfo:// might be temporarily down or it may have
moved permanently to a new web address.


I’m not sure when it was last functional; I don’t use it everyday, but it was a nice feature. May have been broken by an update, or it may have been broken by something I did… I understand that it basically opens a local file in the KDE Konqueror browser.

Does anyone know how I might fix it?


I guess with konqueror now ported to KF5 the old kde4libs based kio-slave (sysinfo) won’t work anymore. So there is no real workaround for it as kio-sysinfo theoretically needs porting.

Ah I see, that is unfortunate.

Does anyone know of another package I could install that might provide a similar graphical summary of system information?

Thanks again.

Kinfocenter usually provides similar information.