My hard drive doesn't show up in installer

I’ve decided to reinstall netrunner recently and this time around when the installer scans for hard drives it either finds nothing or only finds the USB. I currently have windows installed on the hard drive but I can edit files and partitions on it while booted into the netrunner live USB. I’ve also tried wiping the drive and reformatting it as entirely ext4. I’ve also tried two different USB drives imaged with both rufus and Win32DiskImager. I’ve disabled secure boot of course and my hard drive mode is AHCI so I’ve hit a wall in terms of what to try next and I seem to be all out of general purpose internet advice. If anyone knows what I could be doing wrong that would be greatly appreciated.

Disregard I fixed the issue by installing Ubuntu first and then installing Netrunner on the whole disc after that.

Nice that you found a solution for yourself.