Netrunner Home

My Netrunner Rolling Desktop


Coming from Manjaro KDE, I’ve installed Netrunner Rolling and I absolutely LOVE IT!

Here’s a couple screenies…


Very Nice!




Great view!


Yep the ISS on wide Dual Displays? Looks great!
As bit of an armchair astronomer and space jockey myself.

Loving space things! :slight_smile:


My rolling 2016.02 :wink:


This is a Manjaro KDE minimal. Boots up at 380 mb RAM. No akonadi, no kde-pim no yakuake.
Good choice Netrunner team, to decide not to ship akonadi and the KDE PIM suite default with this release.
Running Manjaro in this set up for a while now. Today going to install Netrunner on my other laptop.


OP, looks very nice, but what’s your screen resolution? Everything looks really small. :slight_smile: