N15 Iconset

Based on Gnome icons, keep Oxygen folders icons. For the first version, we could go with “scalable” icons only. Later, they will be updated with smaller sizes.

Here is a first iconset version - https://db.tt/rczlpFVY
It’s based on these icons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/GNOME_Desktop_icons
They look just a bit “updated” version of the icons you recommended.

But those Gnome “Tango” icons do look different than those you originally posted?

Below is really oldschool look, while the tango icons look “meh”…

Well yeah, the main reason is we don’t have all oldschool icons to work with and Gnome icons and Tango (http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Tango_icons ) are similar to old ones, and they are made as svg. I’ll look into it more.

Are elementary icons roguhly the same look?
I wonder because I tried elementary OS icons once and recall them being somewhat dull/boring…

I also just tested the N15 icontheme and it looks okay…

I think it doesnt make sense though to analyze it under N14/KDE4.x, but start getting Plasma 5 ISOs and apply and experiment with a new N15 look there:

Elementary icons are more polished then Tango and pre-Tango icons.

Here is a quick comparison showing old icons and tango icons https://db.tt/ihsTYqay

We can tweak tango icons to look like old ones. They are similar, but old icons have higher contrast and outlines/shadows. What do you think?

Modified few icons (on the left side) to look like “oldschool” on the right side.

Here are additional icons, what do you think? Are they similar to old icons? There is a lot of work to do, so please let me know, should I proceed?